Beginnings of the Monastery
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In the early years of Buddhism, monks dedicated themselves to an ascetic life (particular to the pursuit of religious or spiritual goals) wandering around the country with no permanent living quarters ...

Transition of Monastery in 100 years
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The devotees decided to reconstruct the cave temple as a proper and permanent place for monks of the Forest and Cave tradition to pursue their enlightenment. The monks use their own strength to build up the Monastery ...

Walking the Ancient Path of Wisdom
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The monks had abandoned their worldly life to focus on spiritual attainment. They preserve and continue the cave tradition by leading the supra mundane way of life ...

Living in Harmony at Gunung Kanthan
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Life in Gunung Kanthan is simple and basic but the human value of respect is very strong as people living around here understand and depend on the earth for survival ...

The Future
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The monks in The Sakyamuni Caves Monastery are the torch bearers who pass on the Buddhist cave tradition in Malaysia. Sakyamuni Caves Monastery is the rarest and most unique holy place for future monks and devotees to practice Buddhism in order to achieve the final attainment ...

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Gift to mankind ...

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Why Our Cave Monastery is Unique?

Our Values

Gunung Kanthan was selected as the place of worship more than 100 years ago because this is the RECLINING BUDDHA OF JAMBUDVIPA (EARTH the terrestrial world as envisioned in the cosmology of Sasana Buddha). For the past decades, Sakyamuni Caves Monastery has been the place for worship and practice for Monks who renounced the world and devotees coming from many parts of the world such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, United States and United Kingdom.

Our century old Sakyamuni Caves Monastery is situated in the heart of Gunung Kanthan. It is inseparable and considered as ONE.

We, as Malaysians and representatives of Malaysia Dhamma Sakyamuni Monastery hold true to this principle and would like the Perak State Government to understand our fight and struggle in the name of God, the People and our beloved Nation.

Hence, our struggle is to find our religious identity in a place that was chosen by God that is Sacred Gunung Kanthan. Our wish and hope is for the Perak Government to ‘Gazette Gunung Kanthan’ as “Tempat Ibadat Suci”. This is to ensure that the Malaysian community who has their places of worship and religious practice in Sacred Gunung Kanthan has the freedom of religious practice and the right of equal legal protection.

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Our Location

Dhamma Sakyamuni Cave Monastery ( 释迦圣法岩 )

GPS: 4.762320445603253, 101.12093013944165

Gunung Kanthan, Chemor, Perak

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