After our great Master settled in Gunung Kanthan, more and more monks travelled to Malaya and stayed in the Caves Monastery.

Many Thudong monks who renounce their worldly possessions to seek the “right path” found their way to The Sakyamuni Caves Monastery.

The unique structure of the caves in Gunung Kathan required upgrading over the years. It was initially supported by devotees and more than 20 million ringgit was spent over the years.

It consists of the 2 main shrine halls which is the Upper Cave Shrine Hall and the Lower Cave Shrine Hall.

Many monks who have travelled to Malaysia Dhamma Sakyamuni Monastery have decided to settle down here as they find our caves serve as one of the best place for religious practice.

Yearly 2000 devotees come to the Caves for short retreats.

Our Monastery is visited by many monks from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Taiwan, England and the US to practice meditation and pursue the ultimate liberation.