The monks are not ordinary poeple. Many are professionals and highly qualified, but they choose to renounce the world and lead the way of life in Malaysia Dhamma Sakyamuni Caves Monastery.

The monk community adopts the ways of living in caves continuing the cave tradition for more than 2500 years.

The caves provide a conducive environment for meditation that cannot be found anywhere else.

The natural seclusion with minimal noise disturbance makes the mind calm down very easily.

The atmosphere in the cave chambers generate the kind of vibarations that is very conducive to deep concentration.

The monks practice diligently in order to gain an insight in understanding the impermanent nature of life and eventually attain the bliss of Nibbana.

In the Buddhist Cave tradition, monks strive to reach their full potential to attain enlightenment so that they can help those in need.

The cave monastery serves as a refuge for the lay person to gain guidance from monks to get rid of their defilements.

Devotees are attracted by the tranquility and the uniqueness of the cave monastery.

Here, they learn and attend dhamma classes to learn about the Buddha’s teachings to enable them to practice in their daily life.