More than a thousand years ago, Kinta Valley in Perak was already visited by Buddhists.

Kinta was the centre of an ancient Buddhist Kingdom.
  • Thudong monks from the cave and forest tradition made their meditation retreats in the depths of Northern Malaya’s mountains and caves.

  • Our Great Master during his deep concentration whilst in meditation, had an inner vision which led his search throughout Malaya to Kinta Valley in the 1900s.
  • It was the search for a mountain which resembles a “Reclining Buddha”.

The Sakyamuni Lineage and monastery in Gunung Kanthan began…

  • Our Great Master renamed the Tai Sun Lo Kuan Temple to be the Sakyamuni Caves Monastery
  • The Sakyamuni caves are rare and unique in that it has an upper and lower cave that provides shelter and a protective shield of stillness which is perfect for teachings and meditation.
  • The special and sacred qualities of The Sakyamuni Caves provide the perfect sanctuary to practice the meditative live and the awakening fo the mind, body and spirit to receive wisdom through Buddha’s teachings.